This note is a part of my Zettelkasten. What is below might not be complete or accurate. It is also likely to change often.
3rd July, 2020


The definition of Sustainable is "able to continue over a period of time". In other words, for something to be sustainable, it has to be resilient, at least.

Anything which cannot be broken down into smaller things is un-changing, regardless of what goes on in its super-environment. Such a thing cannot be called as sustainable - it cannot change, it simply is.

When we talk about sustainability, we talk about something which has the capacity to change. A complex system, called Sankaara in Buddhist philosophy, is one which is always changing.

Can we assign an objective value to a such a system? Assuming we can, there are types of systems which respond differently to change:

  • A system is Fragile if its value decreases (on average) with response to change/time
  • A system is Resilient if its value remains the same (on average) wrt change/time
  • A system is Antifragile if its value increases (on average) wrt change/time