My Reading List

How not to be wrong by Jordan Ellenberg

29th May, 2022

Math is a science of not being wrong about things, its techniques and habits hammered out by centuries of hard work and argument. With the tools of mathematics in hand, you can understand the world in a deeper, sounder, and more meaningful way.

The Infinite Machine - Camila Russo

3rd August, 2020

A book about the story of Ethereum, Vitalik and the rise of DAPPs.

Silk Road by Peter Frankopan

19th January, 2022

A short review this wonderful book on the history and the present of the Silk Road.

Godel Echer Bach - An eternal godel braid

24th October, 2021

Strange Loops Strange loops are self-referencing ideas which are often paradoxes. Strange loops can be seen in the music of Bach (Cannons, and their casual cousin the Fugue, are self-referencing pieces of music). These loops can also be seen in the designs of Escher (Endless staircase and the infinite waterfall). These strange loops have been observed in maths/logic too. Read more.

How to take smart notes - Sonke Ahrens

15th August, 2020

A smart, fast paced book introducing the Zettelkasten and talking about note-taking and writing in general. I would give it º/¶.

Sociological Imagination - C Wright Mills

10th April, 2021

Sociological Imagination

The Nature of the Firm - Ronald H Coase

20th July, 2020

This is a paper first published in 1937 by Ronald Chase, who won the Nobel Prize for economics for this along with Coase's Theorem

Radical Markets - Eric A. Posner, E. Glen Weyl

16th July, 2020

Authors: Glen Weyl and Eric Posner

Logic of Collective Action - Mancur Olson

15th December, 2020

Organization - An organization is a group of people working together in tandem with expectations to further their individual or shared goals.

Governing the commons - Elinor Ostrum

8th August, 2020

Author: Elinor Ostrum

Business Modeling with UML - Eriksson & Penker

22nd November, 2020

NOTE: Although the book deals with Business modelling, I believe the same concepts can be extended to all organizations. I will be accordingly generalizing the concepts in the below notes.

In the shadows of the state - Alpa Shah

31st August, 2020

The book talks about the Mundas (a tribe in Jharkhand), their Local governments and their relationship with the state.