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30th August, 2020

Market for Carbon Credits

Carbon credits were created as a mechanism aimed at assigning a monetory value to carbon emissions and allowing governments to regulate and limit them.

What is a carbon credit?

If an entity is to capture and sequester 1 ton of carbon, they are said to have earned 1 carbon credit.

How it works

Each entity is given a quota of the emissions it is allowed. A factory can be given a quota of 80000 tons of carbon. To meet the quota, the factory can:

  • Regulate production to stay within carbon quota
  • Increase efficiency to produce more without increasing emissions
  • Offset the excess emissions by buying carbon credits off the market
  • Sell excess credits if it stays well within its limits


  • Didnt address the problem in its entirity - targets only emissions
    • Biodiversity loss, etc play a big role and were ignored
  • Rigid and myopic rules for sequestering carbon (esp for forest based offsetting)
    • Locals were not allowed to use the forest for firewood and other traditional reasons.
  • Offsetting a powerplant using a forest in Indonesia will not prevent local impact of the pollution.
  • Discussions about reduction of consumption are sidelined by this mechanism.
  • Pricing was very volatile and fluctuated a lot
  • Procedure to administer the market mechanism was very cumbersome.