4th July, 2020

Getting into Tiddlywiki

Tiddlywiki, in short, is an amazing tool to take non-linear notes. Its very versatile but some of its most amazing features are a bit inaccessible.

I have been using tiddlywiki from the last 7-8 years. I used it as a To-do list initially but found a Bullet Journal to be more for my liking (especially since I adore fountain pens). Then I started using it just for storing songs (and chord notations) - to play guitar alonside. Its been amazing for that - especially since Eric Shulman made this Autoscroll plugin. The Tiddlywiki google group is great for getting any sort of support. In fact, I usually search my questions first and find them already answered for someone else.

Recently, I got into the Zettelkasten method for note taking and have started using Tiddlywiki. More on this later.

PS. This website is generated using TiddlyWiki's static generator.