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22nd July, 2020


Finitude is the notion that resources in this world are finite. Resources run a risk of Resource Depletion

Examples of finite resources:


  • India's fuel of choice is coal.
  • The problem is that the amount of coal being extracted is increasing year on year and its not renewable - it takes thousands of years to form coal.
  • Environmental Impact:
    • 1.64 lakh hectare of forest land has been cleared for coal mining
    • Water needs of 1/5 of india's population can be supplied with what is used for coal extraction.
  • Social Impact
    • Dispacing the most vulnerable people - who are rooted the most in their land
    • Pollution this creates effects millions of people all around


  • We are extracting more than the renewal rate. Therefore, this too is a finite resource which is constantly getting depleted.